Lancaster Housing Authority

Our team is here to help residents of Lancaster who are elderly or individuals with disabilities within our community gain safe and secure housing in the property we manage.


Here you will find a general overview of what is required for you to apply for public housing through the Lancaster Housing Authority.

Applications for public housing can be obtained at our office located at 449 Main Street, Lancaster or you can call ahead for more information and guidance.  It is strongly suggested to do your application online.


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Housing Assistance

If you are at least 60 years of age and have limited income you are eligible. If you are an individual with a disability you are also eligible to apply for public housing. The goal of the Lancaster Housing Authority is to provide safe and comfortable housing to those who need it.

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Lancaster Housing Authority provides low-income individuals that have an adjusted income that falls below 80 percent of median income in the community. Residents pay on average between 27-32 percent of their total income to rent for housing.

Items taken into consideration for public housing applicants other than income include past housing rental history, criminal history, any past eviction records as well as future ability to pay for rent.

Applications can be denied for any of the above reasons however, applicant may also appeal that decision.

Reasonable accommodations may be afforded to those who have a disability that directly affects their ability to meet these requirements. It’s always best to check with the Lancaster Housing Authority for guidance.

The Lancaster Housing Authority is a State Aided Elderly/Handicap Facility. There are no Federal, Family or Voucher programs.


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LHA assists families, single people, and people with disabilities. The Housing Authority does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, color, familial status, mental or physical disability.